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Villa Podrožnik / Project Domus Conclusus

  • For Sale: EUR 550.000 + VAT
  • Property Type: Villa / Town house
  • Location: Rožna Dolina district, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Presented by: RONI Nepremičnine d.o.o.
  • Corporate website:

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Property Description:

This property offers the possibility of renovating the existing villa or building a new luxuriously designed villa in the prestigious part of Ljubljana, in Rožna Dolina. This will allow you to stay in an intimate green environment and only a short drive away from the city center. There are prestigious villas in the vicinity, various embassies and residences, but the villa designed in the project will stand out for its architectural perfection as well as for its quality construction and choice of modern materials and technologies.

The Domus Conclusus Project: This is a truly unique urban villa, an intimate oasis that turns the complexity of the location to its advantage and offers residents complete privacy in the embrace of a green garden. From the point of entry to the plot, where the architectural design of the classic courtyard and driveway in front of the villa, cleverly placed under the building, where the views of the garden and which is much more than a garage, is already a real hallway of living spaces. Ambiental diversity winds through all the floors, creating floor bays and completely private atriums all the way to the terrace, where the view opens 360 degrees all the way from the Rožnik Forest to the villas in Rožna Dolina. The two units are intertwined in such a way that they can live completely separate lives or can be transformed into fully connected in further design.

The architecture of the building was designed by renowned architect Andrej Mercina, architectural bureau TRIIIJE, which, on the basis of more than 60 years of tradition, creates unique spatial designs based on the interplay of tradition and modernity, as well as the specifics of their clients, which are spiced up in the design process by the creativity of the design team.




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