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2 Forrestdale Street, Coomera

  • For Sale: $925,000 AUS
  • Property Type: House
  • Location: Australia
  • Presented by: Evoke Realty
  • Corporate website:

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Property Description:

Representing sophisticated living with a modern facade and stylish design.

The Santorini is a fantastic step up in life. Bold lines, luxurious fixtures and fittings, and a real sense of having ‘made it.’ And if you have never had a gleaming kitchen with an oh so convenient butler’s pantry, well, here it is, just waiting for you. Enjoy!

Premium Rental Return: $72,000 AUD* Pa

Size: 587m2

Lease back at 8% per annum* Minimum term until 20 March 2021

Maximum term until 20 March 2023

Home Area: 196.85m2

Garage Area: 36.49m2

Outdoor Area: 25.04m2

Portico Area: 9.72m2

Total Area: 268.10m2




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