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  • For Sale: US$18, 500, 000
  • Property Type: Farm
  • Location: Brazil, West Bahia
  • Presented by: Agro Concept Management Ltd

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Property Description:

Farm Formosa represents an opportunity to acquire superior agricultural land in West Bahia in Brazil, a region where farmland is known to be amongst the most productive and lucrative anywhere in the world! This is an ideal farm for crop production: soybeans, corn, sugarcane, cotton and coffee at a large scale!


  • Location: Brazil, West Bahia, Municipality of Cocos
  • Total size: 5,000 hectars
  • Topography: all flat
  • Land structure:
    • 40% have already been transformed into grasspastures.
    • 40% undeveloped
    • 20% are kept as a nature reserve


  • Water resources:
    • Urucuia Aquifer beneath and Sao Francisco River with 3 tributaries in the region
    • Precipitation: 1400-1600 mm per year
    • One Well on the farm
    • Irrigation pivots installed: 3


  • Current operation: Cattle raising farm


  • Taxes — 5-7%


  • Estimated Yield: 15%


  • Up to 3 harvests per year possible with proper crop rotation


  • Supporting infrastructure is already well developed:
    • Large wooden farmhouse and a residential building for employees
    • Electric power from the state grid is available at the property
    • Autonomous solar power supply installed on farmhouse.
    • Own diesel generator
    • Runway for small airplanes nearby
    • Storage


  • Good internal and external roads:
    • Paved state roads 70 km away from farm and access to the network of highways providing a direct connection to the export ports some 800 km to the East
    • High speed dirt roads on farm
    • 150 km to the nearest points of sales, if products are sold to domestic market


  • There exists the possibility to install more irrigation center pivots


  • The property is fenced all round and is adjacent to a river



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