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Farm Serrano Kurt

  • For Sale: US$11, 500, 000
  • Property Type: Farm
  • Location: Brazil, West Bahia
  • Presented by: Agro Concept Management Ltd

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Property Description:

Farmland is one of the oldest hard tangible real asset class producing enormous wealth for generations and is a secure asset which diversify your investment portfolio!

Farm Serrano Kurt represents an opportunity to acquire superior agricultural land in West Bahia in Brazil, a region where farmland is known to be amongst the most productive and lucrative anywhere in the world!

This is an ideal farm for cattle raising and crop production such as soybeans, corn, sugarcane, cotton and coffee at a large scale!

  • Location: Brazil, West Bahia, Municipality of Cocos
  • Total size: two contiguous plots 3,840 hectares
  • Topography: all flat


  • Land structure:
    • 1,200 ha have already been transformed into grasspastures.
    •    700 ha have been prepared for grass cultivation and
    • 1,100 undeveloped
    •   20% (768 ha) are kept as a nature reserve


  • Water resources:
    • Precipitation: 1400-1600 mm per year
    • Urucuia Aquifer beneath and Sao Francisco River with 3 tributaries in the region
    • One Well on the farm


  • Current operation: Cattle raising farm


  • Current opperational costs — up to 30%


  • Taxes — 5-7%


  • Estimated Yield: 15%


  • Farm capacity: 3,200 heads with no irrigation and up to 20 000 with irrigation


  • Up to 3 harvests per year possible with proper crop rotation


  • Supporting infrastructure is already well developed, particularly in the immediate area of the farm:
    • Large wooden farmhouse and a residential building for employees
    • Electric power from the state grid is available at the property
    • Autonomous solar power supply installed on farmhouse.
    • Own diesel generator
    • Runway for small airplanes nearby


  • Good internal and external roads:
    • Paved state roads 70 km away from farm and access to the network of highways providing a direct connection to the export ports some 800 km to the East
    • High speed dirt roads on farm
    • 150 km to the nearest points of sales, if products are sold for the domestic market


  • There exists the possibility to install irrigation center pivots


  • The property is fenced all round and is adjacent to a river


  • Estimated Yield: 15%





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